Hello and welcome to our #activeLYOutdoors blog!

Our aim for this blog is to create a hub for active dogs and their humans. We see owning dogs as a lifestyle, so we take them with us on our outdoor activities, such as hiking, ski touring, or mountain biking. We also take our time to train our dogs to fulfil their mental needs as well. Firstly, let me introduce our gang:

LYO DOG branch managers ©Z.Š.

So, let me begin with the reason all this started: Ozzy, our bullterrier. He is our resident mischief instigator who is always hungry – both for food and adventure. He is however severely allergic to all sorts of food groups and environmental factors, which affects his behaviour and general wellbeing. Through the years we have tried all sorts of dog foods and treats and all of them resulted in awful allergic reactions. The idea was brewing in my head for a while and last year I decided to take action and find a treat that he (and any dog with similar issues) could enjoy, without any fear of his health being compromised. 

The second to introduce and my number one boy, the oldest in the gang is a 13-year old border collie, Darwin. He is my best adventure buddy, my heart dog, a zen master who loves everything and everyone and is always ready for action. He has turned my life upside down and made it so much better. I have learned so much about working dogs, hyperactive and reactive dogs and I still learn something new every day. I just hope we manage to keep him happy and healthy for as song as possible, that is my main mission. 

The third and the youngest member of our gang is Ziggy, a working line Australian shepherd girl and my little pocket rocket. She came to us quite randomly, but at this point I cannot imagine what we did before her. This winter she has developed an obsession with snow, as the picture above clearly shows. This is also the way she handles life – find something you like and go for it 100%. She is my latest training challenge, she enjoys everything that we do, but we will see in time what her number one activity will be. At the moment she is deeply in her teenage phase and my brain is exploding daily. But with time I am sure she will be the best representative of an active dog that can go with us anywhere. 

LYO DOG founder and CEO ©Z.Š.

And lastly, I have to introduce myself, the human behind LYO DOG. Hi! I am Zarja, dog mom of Darwin, Ziggy and Ozzy, who have inspired me to create a more sustainable and 100% natural brand of dog treats with the aim of taking care of their health and giving back to the natural environment we spend most of our time in. I have combined my love for dogs with my project manager work in sustainability and I will always strive to be the example of an environmentally and socially responsible business. I hope and aim for great cooperation and great things we can achieve with like-minded individuals and organizations. 

Our online shop will be launching soon, so stay posted!To stay updated on the recent news, you can follow us on our Instagram