Best Barf Monthly PRE-ORDER

Best Barf is one of our favourite brands of dog and cat food products, because we share the same vision, which is:

  • focusing on providing only the highest possible quality,
  • producing limited editions, and
  • aiming to be as sustainable as possible.

Best Barf snacks are made from different types of meat and organs, which are freeze-dried raw, without any kind of additives. You can use them for dog training or as a part of your dog´s raw BARF diet. (*freeze dried raw: raw meat is first frozen, after that all the moisture is removed in a very long process that lasts about 48 hours. The goal of removing moisture is to preserve the raw meat in a more practical form (for dog training, etc.), but containing all nutritional value, since the meat is never warmed up. This way the meat is dry, light and with a very intense flavour. It is still very crucial to replace the missing water, so you should have fresh water available for your dog after such a meal).

Right now in the summer, when we are going on holidays, they might be a good alternative to frozen raw meals (when you don´t have access to a freezer on your vacation). My dogs adore them, so I use them both in their daily meals and for dog training, when I want them to be very motivated to learn something difficult or when I know there will be many distractions around us.

We decided to offer Best Barf only as a pre-order, which means that we collect orders on a monthly basis. The reason for that is that we want to assure the best quality (so that you will receive freshly made treats), to reduce the waste and carbon emissions from deliveries (we only process the pre-orders after we “fill up” a production cycle amount). Since 2023 we only have a very small storage space and we intentionally have a limited space available, so that the products get as fast as possible from the production facility to our customers.

And we also have some exciting news: there are a few NEW flavours available:

lamb stomach

reindeer kidneys

red deer heart

pork meat

All of these can already be ordered, and will be published in our online shop very soon. Our Best Barf pre-orders close on the last day of each month.