Should I take my dog mountain biking?

I get asked this question quite a bit, and my answer is always “it depends” 😀 let me explain … There are a few considerations and requirements to be met, before you decide to take your dog mountain biking: The first and the MOST important fact to consider is that once you bring your dogRead more ⟶

Darwin´s Memorial Fund

We are happy to announce a new project. Those of you who follow us from the very beginning might remember our two main goals: You might also remember my Darwin, my heart dog, my soulmate and – looking at it now, also my unofficial emotional support dog. There are many benefits of dogs for ourRead more ⟶

How much water should my dog drink?

Water – fresh, drinking water – is another key nutrient that is important for your dog´s nutrition. Like with humans, water is essential for your dog´s body optimal performance and it is also necessary for maintaining regular body temperature. It is a vital component in the transportation of nutrients and waste products throughout the body.Read more ⟶


One of the goals that we have set for 2024 is an ADVENTURE DOG online training course: expert-led training to help you and your dog explore the outdoors safely, with the aim of creating a great bond. This online course will depend heavily on its students, their existing knowledge and experience, as well as individual goalsRead more ⟶


Our dear dog and human friends! Holidays are just around the corner, so it is time to think about gifts for our best friends. <3 We are happy to announce a collaboration with the team of Smrekomaz ( ), another small Slovenian business, who are producing completely natural, handmade dog paw spruce balm fromRead more ⟶

What is freeze drying?

Another recurring question we get is about freeze drying; what is it and why are we so impressed by it? So much so, that our name – LYO DOG – is a derivation of the term (“lyophilization” is a more technical term for freeze drying*). So, what is it? To explain it in the mostRead more ⟶