Our GREEN FRIDAY initiative

Dear dogs and humans! As every year, we are turning this Friday into GREEN FRIDAY, to take a stand against overconsumerism and promote more sustainable practices. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet by choosing mindful choices for our furry friends and the environment. This greener approach towards shopping serves as aRead more ⟶


Our dear dog and human friends! Holidays are just around the corner, so it is time to think about gifts for our best friends. <3 We are happy to announce a collaboration with the team of Smrekomaz ( https://www.smrekomaz.eu/en/ ), another small Slovenian business, who are producing completely natural, handmade dog paw spruce balm fromRead more ⟶

What is freeze drying?

Another recurring question we get is about freeze drying; what is it and why are we so impressed by it? So much so, that our name – LYO DOG – is a derivation of the term (“lyophilization” is a more technical term for freeze drying*). So, what is it? To explain it in the mostRead more ⟶

Why choose LYO DOG treats for your dog?

We have combined all the benefits into these 4 key reasons: 2. ENERGY-BOOSTING TREATS FOR ACTIVE DOGS Our treats are great for re-fueling dogs on day-long hikes, trail runs, skitouring adventures or bike rides. Besides being nutritious, our treats are dry and light, so they are easy to carry in your pocket or in aRead more ⟶

Best treats for training your dog

I get asked about this a lot! Unfortunately, there is no ONE perfect kind of treats. It depends on your dog´s preferences and nutritional requirements, as well as the type of training (training a puppy is different than training an experienced dog, etc.). And last, but equally important is the human factor – I, forRead more ⟶

Soft-serve ice cream for dogs

As promised, here is the recipe for the second option of a fruity dog friendly ice cream. Again, banana is the star of this recipe, as it provides the appropriate texture for a more creamy mixture. You can use any fruit you have, you can also add some supplements to add some nutritional value (forRead more ⟶

Summertime dog friendly ice cream popsicles (that humans can eat as well*)

We are currently in the middle of the first summer heat wave, and since there is not much else that we can do at the moment, we decided to play around with some ingredients we have at home and make dog-friendly (and human-friendly) fruity popsicles. Step 1: Popsicle moulds Unfortunately we don´t have the properRead more ⟶

Hello and welcome to our #activeLYOutdoors blog!

Our aim for this blog is to create a hub for active dogs and their humans. We see owning dogs as a lifestyle, so we take them with us on our outdoor activities, such as hiking, ski touring, or mountain biking. We also take our time to train our dogs to fulfil their mental needsRead more ⟶