Darwin´s Memorial Fund

We are happy to announce a new project. Those of you who follow us from the very beginning might remember our two main goals: You might also remember my Darwin, my heart dog, my soulmate and – looking at it now, also my unofficial emotional support dog. There are many benefits of dogs for ourRead more ⟶


One of the goals that we have set for 2024 is an ADVENTURE DOG online training course: expert-led training to help you and your dog explore the outdoors safely, with the aim of creating a great bond. This online course will depend heavily on its students, their existing knowledge and experience, as well as individual goalsRead more ⟶


Our dear dog and human friends! Holidays are just around the corner, so it is time to think about gifts for our best friends. <3 We are happy to announce a collaboration with the team of Smrekomaz ( https://www.smrekomaz.eu/en/ ), another small Slovenian business, who are producing completely natural, handmade dog paw spruce balm fromRead more ⟶

What is freeze drying?

Another recurring question we get is about freeze drying; what is it and why are we so impressed by it? So much so, that our name – LYO DOG – is a derivation of the term (“lyophilization” is a more technical term for freeze drying*). So, what is it? To explain it in the mostRead more ⟶

Hello and welcome to our #activeLYOutdoors blog!

Our aim for this blog is to create a hub for active dogs and their humans. We see owning dogs as a lifestyle, so we take them with us on our outdoor activities, such as hiking, ski touring, or mountain biking. We also take our time to train our dogs to fulfil their mental needsRead more ⟶