WirbelWind Medi


WirbelWind Midi is a light disc for smaller dogs. New on the market. This disc is suitable for freestyle and distance throws.

It is a compromise of disk durability, flight capabilities, and price.

Approved for official USDDN and UFO competitions!

Made in Germany from quality materials and according to FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration) rules. This does not mean that your dog should eat them, but if he chews, know that the material is environmentally friendly and harmless to dogs and humans.

Weight: 79,5 g

Width: 20.2 cm

Colours: purple, orange, red, pink, yellow, turquoise, white, blue

WirbelWind disc is an innovation on the market for smaller dogs. The Midi disc is light-weighted and used in distance competition as well as in freestyle. Width: 20 cm