What is freeze drying?

Another recurring question we get is about freeze drying; what is it and why are we so impressed by it? So much so, that our name – LYO DOG – is a derivation of the term (“lyophilization” is a more technical term for freeze drying*).

So, what is it?

To explain it in the most simple way possible: in our case, it is a process of dehydrating frozen raw ingredients (such as fruit, meat, vegetables or fish), in order to preserve as much of the nutrients as possible, and by eliminating moisture make it more convenient for carrying around, while simultaneously prolonging its shelf life. The process itself is quite complex and several stages are required, but we won´t touch on that in this blog.

By freeze drying these ingredients, we retain more nutrients than with any other process. Since our mission is to only offer the best possible ingredients for your dog´s diet, this was a logical decision. For now you can find these freeze dried products in our shop:

We are working hard on providing you with new freeze dried flavours of veggie and meat treats. We will let you know about it as soon as we will be able to announce it publicly!